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Hamilton Investment Properties is a BBB Accredited Real Estate Developer in Baton Rouge, LA
Memberships and Donations

When you donate;  become a member Landlord or sponsor us, you make a tax deductible contribution, that will help build and renovate housing for low income elderly, and disabled Renters to include their low to moderate income families.  WHEN YOU ALLOW US TO MANAGE YOUR PROPERTY, YOU DON'T PAY MANAGEMENT FEES.  HOWEVER,  UP TO 50% OF ADJUSTED GROSS INCOME PAID AS A MEMBER IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  Please support us by contributing or contracting with us for management of your property.

Some  other benefits of Membership:  (a) discounts on U.S. Bulk mailings, and other postal services (b) Public legitimacy of I.R.S. recognition as exempt organization member  (c) Exemption from property Tax on member properties in charitable trust.
(d) Housing Grants, public and private allocations only our member Landlords enjoy.

Sponsorship may be made through Brochure advertising of our quarterly events (minimum of 4 each year)at a cost of $ 125 per event.  Dinner networking events each quarter features live, is designed to feature name entertainment to benefit the organization where over 50 Ad packages purchased.    SEE EVENT PAGE FOR UPDATES.


Please go to our Building Wealth  page, and  by just making one call to (2225)238-3923.  DONATE AND/OR JOIN


    We develop, help finance, and operate affordable housing communities for families, seniors or other people with special needs.  Some People lack resources to access housing, and are often exploited by having to pay for substandard housing.

We believe that being economically disadvantaged should not bar human dignity.    The working poor, the disable, and low fixed income seniors deserve safe and affordable housing.  Please join us.