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Hamilton Investment Properties is a BBB Accredited Real Estate Developer in Baton Rouge, LA

RENTAL Housing, and Investment Opportunities
in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and surrouding area communities.

Choose from a range of advisory options, including, investment opportunities, and low-income housing. Hamilton Investment Properties Inc. is a nonprofit advisory firm that provides families with a safe and affordable place to live, and stable income to Landlords or individuals seeking to become Landlords.

Property Management Services
Our property management services ensure every aspect of your land is properly maintained. Offering complete residential management, we create fewer vacancies, provide stable tenants by:  (1) Proper interaction with residents of properties, for rent collections, lease administration and resident retention  (2) Conducting frequent unit inspections to ensure compliance with lease by residents as well as Landlord.  (3) Conducting daily arrears collections (4) preparing implementation of maintenance, and vendor management.

Rent to Own Sales and Lease...Through the management of single-family homes, town houses, apartments, and condos, we provide low- to moderate-income families the type of housing that, has the competitive edge of government-controlled properties, well maintained (at Section 8 standards), using a sliding income scale.

Driveway - Temporary Housing in Baton Rouge, LA

Private Investors
Using our knowledge and experience of the markets, we create fantastic investment opportunities. Please visit our membership page for detailed information on our Real Estate Investment Trust.  You can buy into our company to address specific community needs, use the tax advantages that come with nonprofit organization membership,  and your share of income produced through real estate ownership, without the hazzle of actual ownership.

Real Estate Rehabilitation's
Our rehabilitation program removes old and unlivable properties from the community. After this, we build on vacant land and/or rehabilitate the property for a rental or sale. Furthermore, some of the properties are used as transitional housing for those who are less fortunate.

Home Finder Services
We can restore dreams! By helping families find a home via a rental or purchase. We are reviving lives of families and  the future of children through Estate building.

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